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Here are some of our frequently asked questions:

-When is your busy season?

Wedding season is typically May-October in Kentucky but we start getting busy in March! In November & December we switch to primarily portrait sessions & album design until the holidays are over. We consider January-February the off-season. This is when we do much of our booking, consultations, conferences and trade shows. I teach photo classes in the early Spring and late Fall in Richmond, KY at EKU.

-How does your service stand out?

I'm a full-time photographer dedicated to capturing moments for couples to cherish forever. I pour all my heart into my work -- hints the name Love & Lenses because it's truly what I love. I have a formal education in art, art history and photography , an eye for detail and keen mind. I love the technical aspects of photography that most people brush off. I love shallow depth of field but I hold sharpness at a higher standard. While not every shot will be razor sharp I do my best to use things like exposure compensation, manual focal point selection, auto-focus & manual focus to allow for a sharper image. I understand how to shoot in manual mode, use external lighting sources, make creative shots and pose in ways that aren't imitative. I can recreate shots you love but I can also bring something new that you weren't expecting! I'll let my work speak for itself! 

-Have you ever been published?

Our work has been featured in Kentucky Bride Magazine, Baubles & Bowties and Wedding Chicks! Although it's not guaranteed that your wedding will be published we'd love to help you make a submission to your favorite magazine or blog!

-Have you received honors or features?

Love & Lenses Photography was named in the Top20 Best Lexington Wedding Photographers 3 years in a row!  We are a 2017 Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Awards Winner! We are a preferred vendor of Wedding Chicks and the Castle Post. We are a member of WPPI, WEP-CKY and PPA. We are the 2017 & 2016 recipient of the Small Business Excellence Award for the category of photographers! I have even been featured on ABC 36's Midday Kentucky!

-I'm looking for a specific gallery, can you help me find it?

We have Featured Galleries that contain a few favorites from weddings and photo sessions. The Client Galleries archive the entire wedding and/or photo sessions. Click one of the two highlighted links to browse through the public galleries. Note: Some galleries are password protected or private. You will need permission from the client to access these if they requested their gallery made private or protected. Private galleries will not show up; you will have obtain a link via the client.

-Are you insured?

Yes we carry liability and equipment insurance through PPA affiliated Lockton Affinity! We can provide certificates if needed.

-Are you a real business?

Yes! Love & Lenses Photography LLC is a Kentucky registered business. We have an EIN, a sales tax permit and all the other completely necessary business measures to make us legitimate! We pay state and federal taxes every year and remain in good standing!

-What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Having a creative outlet is important to me. Being able to use my technical experience, critical thinking and creative drive are what keeps me in the field.

-How did you get started doing this type of work?

I've always been a creative person & photography has always been a dream of mine. I have been working with photography as early as I could sneak away my parents' cameras. I studied photography at UK. After shooting my very first wedding in 2009, it was obvious it wouldn't be my last. I had people seeking to bring me into the industry. Now I am a published seasoned professional making everyday a step further in expanding my passion and helping others to make their dream wedding photography a reality!

-How much experience do you have editing?

I started working in Photoshop over 10 years ago. I was introduced to Lightroom in college and immersed myself in the program. It quickly became the staple of my workflow! I now teach classes to introduce these programs to students.

-What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

Please check the availability of your date! An in-person consultation is suggested for us to have a chance to chat and get to know each other a bit better. Whether you decide to book with me or not, I want you to leave the meeting feeling like you know more from an inside-perspective how your wedding day timeline might unfold and how you can make the planning process the best experience!

-What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

I received my Art degree from the University of Kentucky. I now instruct Digital Photography classes each semester at EKUI also attend the Wedding & Portrait Professionals International (WPPI) conference each year. 2017 marked the date of our first Photo Destination Workshops I co-organized and taught in Las Vegas, Nevada!

-Do you have a standard pricing system for your service?

Absolutely! Our packages can be found right here on the website  If you are looking for a smaller package please let me know and I will send you more information!

-Why is wedding photography expensive?

Wedding photography can range greatly in price. Your photographer has very expensive equipment, backups of the equipment and sometimes you have second or third photographers at an event with even more expensive equipment. Aside from equipment we also have to pay sales tax on your purchase and keep up the business in order to serve you. To stay in business we need multiple programs and subscriptions that have fees like website, domain, editing software, bank account, lawyer fees, liability and equipment insurance, repair services, etc. Photography is a very expensive and risky business to operate. We strive to keep overhead costs as low as possible to give clients fair prices. The largest percent will go to expenses but it is also important that the photographer(s) get paid fairly based on their experience, training and hourly labor. All our packages include a Print Release which mean you are also purchasing the rights to print your photos from any company at anytime! The Print Release is considered an extremely high value item in the photography world. Most of our packages include items like USBs, Custom Albums and Print Credits. Having these items included in the packages greatly increases the price. We choose high-quality deliverables to give you something that you can't get just anywhere. Our albums are our highest priced item. We do not take commission on albums but rather offer it as a complimentary service at manufacturer costs!

-Do you have anyone that helps you?

I am always the lead photographer and I have several associates that help me photograph weddings and events. When it comes to the office work I am a one woman show! I do all editing on my with my custom presets that I created myself. I do all the consultations, editing, culling, emailing, phone calls, consultations, timeline creation, networking, web design and more! Please be patient because good things take time. I do not outsource my work to other companies!! Because I do all my own editing it does take more time than some businesses. I am a small business and it comes with its limitations but it also comes with its perks! I do the best I can and I try to make improvements every step of the way!

TIP: did you know some photographers don't actually edit your photos. They have them sent to another company to be edited for them. Check with the photographers you interview to see what their protocol is for editing. Personally, I do all my own editing to keep my style consistent and to offer special customization via client requests (i.e.-removing obstructions)!
-Do you have examples of before and after photos?

I am working on sharing examples of photos that are straight out of camera (SOOC) and what they look like after editing is completed. Examples of before and after images will be coming to a gallery soon! Check back for a link!

-Are seeking any help or new photographers?

I would love to have help from interns if a Lexington-local would like to learn the field. It would be a trade-for position for experience geared towards individuals trying to start their own photography business. The position would be concentrated on the business side of things but would include some opportunities to shoot in the field when available.

-What are your approximate turnaround times?

Turnaround times range depending on many factors. Each package has more or less images than the others. Some weddings book several hours more of photo coverage than others (which means more photos to go through and edit). Some weddings happen during the busy wedding season and some happen in the slow season  like January. We strive to finish editing each set of wedding photos in about 6 weeks. I have sent them out quicker and have some that have taken longer. We estimate 4-8 weeks or longer for the photo editing to be complete. This is a reasonable turnaround time compared to the average range of anywhere from {2 weeks to 6 months or longer} depending on the photographer you book with and what you contract specifies and includes. Deliverables like albums may take longer depending on delays for you to make your changes to the design and shipping times (see Christmas cut-off times), etc. We offer many deliverables such as USB drives, CDs, Photo Albums, Prints, Canvas, etc. Please let me know if you would like more information on turnaround times for each specific product.

-What do your packages include?

Packages include photo coverage with myself as the lead photographer. Some packages include a second/third photographer. Every package includes your edited images in a custom online gallery. You will get a Print Release so you can print your photos when you want and where you want. For your convenience, you can use our online shopping gallery to buy prints and products straight from the website. Just click the  'Buy Photos' button in your photo gallery to get started. Friends & family could use this feature too! We also offer a download service so you can save your photos to your computer as soon as your gallery is ready! Some packages include a CD or USB that your photos will be delivered on. Our featured packages include a Print Credit that can be used just like a gift card in the shopping gallery mentioned above. Our top packages include a custom Photo Album designed to your preferences and shipped to your door! You'd get access to our virtual proofing software to make changes to the album design until your ready to have it printed and delivered to you! Let me know if you have any questions!

-Do you offer video?

We are not offering video at this time but could refer you to some preferred videographers!

-Do you have preferred vendors you like to work with?

Yes! We have several vendors that we work with regularly that always do a great job! Contact us for a list of recommendations!

-What advice would you give to couples planning their wedding?

Let's meet in person! Your photographer will be with you most of your wedding day, so why wouldn't you want to get to know them? And the sooner the better...most photographers book 6+ months in advance! Take time to make sure you know the person you are contracting and what is expected of both you and the photographer you pick for your day! 

-What are your Christmas Cut-Off Times?

Album designs must be approved with your Cover & Book Material choices submitted to us by December 10th at the latest for priority shipping for your album to be delivered in time this year.

-Ready to start the conversation? Contact me today!

Are you a vendor? Contact us to obtain your vendor link!

Wedding season is the busiest time of our year. Please be patient with our efforts throughout our busiest months of April-October, thank you!

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